Design Walz


Design Walz is a way of continuing to share knowledge while traveling around the country, continent or world.

By working in several agencies and companies you are able to build a sustainable network with meaningful contacts. Going on a Walz means expanding your comfort zone while focussing on learning and your creativity. A Walz is based on trust and respect between all participants.

We adapted the idea of the Walz from an old craftsman tradition and want to implement it for Designers. One of the obstacles is the missing contact to a network that could support people on their Walz. So we want to build that community.

»That sounds great! I finished my studies in a design subject and want to go on a Design Walz.«
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»Sounds awesome! We want to be part of that.«
If you are able to host a Walzer, get listed that a Walzer can join your company or agency for a while.
Click here and write us – we will be in touch.

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We need to know more about you as Host or Walzer, to make ist easier to form this network. You would be a gamechanger if you could take a few minuts to fill out our Survey.

Questions for Walzers

Questions for Hosts


The Design Walz is a nonprofit project that helps young designers and creative people to travel and work in different agencies or companies while being able to focus on their creativity rather than money. We want to build a network and community that supports everybody in Design Walz and makes connecting Walzers and Hosts easier.

»After a few years of work experience, I thought I understood the business. But the Walz opened up a new dimension and perspective on design for me.«

Jan Störkel

Communication Designer & Circular Economy Enthusiast

»During my Walz I was able to try out areas I had not even tested while studying. I am grateful for the fun and inspiring collaboration that still lasts.«

»I was on my Walz for one year and, in addition to insights into various areas, I was able to make many contacts. I will not forget that time.«

Alexander Bönninger


A network is better build up together, so you are invited to take part in it!
We are open for any suggestions or feedback – in person or via mail – and looking forward to hearing about your ideas!

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To continue our work and to pay for the necessities unfortunately we also need some money (website programming, web space, organization, etc.). You can also support this project by donating.